Going on a Sea Cruise: Santorini, Greece

After a fun-filled sea day enjoying the sun, activities, and food on Rhapsody of the Seas, Our next stop brings us to Santorini, Greece. Santorini is a Greek island on the Aegean Sea about 120 miles off Greece’s mainland. More »

Bellagio, Lombard Italy

Bellagio, Lombard is a province of Como. It is located on Lake Como, also known by its Latin-derived name Lario. More »

Going on a Sea Cruise Series

Join me in this multi-post series as I cruise down the Adriatic Sea to Dubrovnik, Croatia, then to Kotor, Montenegro; into the Ionian Sea to Katakolon, Greece (and Olympia) and finally across the Sea of Crete to Santorini, Greece. More »

Going on a Sea Cruise: Dubrovnik

In part three, we visit Dubrovnik, Croatia. After leaving Venice, Italy, the first port of call for Royal Caribbean’s Rhapsody of the Seas is Dubrovnik, Croatia. Yes, the same Dubrovnik that Game of Thrones is filmed. More »

Great Eats in Miami Beach

When visiting Miami Beach, every tourist will encounter the typical “traps” one finds in a resort city/tourist destination. More »


Enjoy Your Vacation on a Whole Different Level

Everyone travels for different reasons.  It may be for history, sightseeing, or even the food.  They are all valid opportunities to enjoy your destination adequately.  However, I have found over the years, even when doing the stereotypical see the Eiffel Tour in Paris, you do not have to do it in a stereotypical way.  So, here is how you can enjoy your vacation destination on a whole different level.

Great Travel Products

travel tips and products

I guess everyone has their own list of travel tips.  I too have a few.  And really, can you have too many?

So, for my first article on travel tips, I want to talk about two gadgets that are great for traveling that I’ve picked up.  The first is a “cross-the-body” day bag and the other is a battery back-up for your cell phone.

Great Eats in Miami Beach

great eats in miami beach title

When visiting Miami Beach, every tourist will encounter the typical “traps” one finds in a resort city/tourist destination.  As a local, I have had the opportunity to sample the plethora of restaurants on this seven-mile-long sand bar.  Luckily, I live like I travel, on a budget.  So, like when traveling, I on occasion may select to splurge or more often, choose budget-friendly restaurants.  Usually in Miami Beach, even when I “splurge” it is during Miami Spice months where I can sample expensive restaurants for a budget price-fixed menu.

Budapest, Hungary


 Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is one of the most magical of places to visit in Europe.  But I should ensure that you know the correct way of pronunciation is “Boo-Dah-Pesht”.  Like Paris, it is divided into districts and quarters.  Buda contains districts 1-3, 11, 12, and 22 covering west of the Danube.  Pest (Pesht) contains districts 4-9 covering the east of the Danube. Buda includes Buda Castle and Buda Hills.

Curaçao: A Colorful Retreat from the World

A three-hour flight from Miami, Curaçao is a perfect destination to just escape the struggles of life and go into full “relax-mode”.  Turquoise beaches, rainbow-colored architecture, caves, snorkeling, diving, shopping – this island has plenty to occupy your days.