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Royal Caribbean Begins 3 Day WOW Sale Today

Royal Caribbean introduces 3 day WOW sale

Royal Caribbean introduces 3 day WOW sale

While Royal Caribbean’s website was down for part of today, they were prepping for their new 3-day WOW Sale.

According to the website,

“Go where the sea can take you, which is just about everywhere. From October 15 – 17, reserve any cruise departing January 1, 2013, or later and enjoy up to $200* to spend onboard plus a 50% reduced deposit. Reserve your cruise now by using our Find a Cruise widget on the right.”

United Airlines is Raising Fares by up to $10


United Airlines' Boeing 787

United Airlines’ Boeing 787

It looks like United Airlines is raising their fares by up to $10 per round trip ticket. The airline confirmed to AP this Wednesday, October 10th. No other major airlines has followed suit yet.United’s fare increase ranges from $4 to $10 per RT ticket and was the twelfth attempt this year to raise fares- only 4 have succeeded.

If other carriers don’t follow suit, this one won’t stick either. According to the AP article on NBC News, J.P. Morgan analyst Jamie Baker says that the fate of United’s increase would depend on whether Southwest matches it.

Bahamas Celebration Cruise & Grand Lucayan, Bahamas – Not So Grand

By Joshua Head

Bahamas Celebration

Bahamas Celebration Cruise Ship

This is a review I made on Tripadvisor and Cruise Critic.  They are great places to get an idea of what to expect.  These are MY views and MY experiences.

We cruised to Freeport Grand Lucayan on the Celebration Cruise Lines’ ship Bahama Celebration.

If you go and are disappointed, you did NO research at all

The Cruise

I went on this cruise to Freeport Grand Lucayan (It’s not in Freeport) with my elderly parents which one is handicapped and wheelchair bound nearly. I was very concerned going on this trip because of this. The check-in process was a pain but the folks working there were super nice and let me go off to the side with my mom while the others filled out all the paperwork. 

Hidden Costs of Cruising

By Joshua Head


Hidden Costs of Cruising

The hidden cost of cruising can quickly add up. Know before you go.

I’ve posted before about how cruising can be a great value for your money.  What other type of vacation can you pay $40 a day and get your room and all food (and quite a bit of entertainment) included?

There can be negatives though, and one of them are the “hidden costs” associated with taking a cruise. Check out my list of the top 10 hidden costs of taking a cruise and ways to avoid them.

Budget Vacations–Great Value in Cruises

By Joshua Head

Liberty of the Seas

Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas

You’ve been working non-stop it seems and you really need to get away.  But you are limited on funds and quite possibly even time.  What do you do?
Living in Florida, Miami to be specific, I’ve found great value and enjoyment in taking 3, 4, 6, and 7 night Caribbean cruises.  Many times you can have a vacation where you’re paying less than $100 a day and quite often, as low as $40.

On a quick search on for cruises out of Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida for February 2013, the prices ranged from as low as $179 for a 4 night cruise on Carnival to $349 for a 6 night Western Caribbean cruise on Royal Caribbean.