Bellagio, Lake Como Italy

Italy: Bellagio, Lake Como

Bellagio, Lombard is a province of Como. It is located on Lake Como, also known by its Latin-derived name Lario, whose arms form an inverted Y. The triangular land mass at the base of the inverted Y is the Larian Triangle: at its northern point sits Bellagio, looking across to the northern arm of the lake and, behind it, the Alps.

On this beautiful northern point sits La Fontana Bellagio at via Centrale 7 Bellagio, Italy 22021.  Here among the beauty of this gorgeous lake and a spectacular view of the Alps, you will find this family-owned restaurant with some of the most delicious fresh cuisine in Italy.  Combined with this top-notch cuisine, you will be provided with the best service in the area.  You are greeted with smiles and treated like one of the family. They can accommodate seating outside and inside in the summer and during the colder months of their season, plenty of inside seating. Visit for more information.

Ristorante La Fontana — Bellagio

Ristorante La Fontana — Bellagio


Ristorante La Fontana — Bellagio



To get here you can take a train from Milan to Verenna, then take the 10 min ferry to Bellagio.  This makes for an unforgettable day-trip from Milan.  Who knows, maybe you’ll see Gorge Clooney.

Lake Como, Lombardy – Alps in the background.


Lake Como, Lombardy



Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy