More Great Travel Products

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Here’s a quick post about a couple of nice and relatively cheap products that could make your next trip easier.

The first is a set of 8 metal luggage tags. Yes, not that exciting in general but what I like about it is that you get multiple colored tags, they’re metal so they will hold up to the banging and throwing around of the suitcase. Also, the tag has just a strip where only the name is visible to the public. It was a nice purchase as I was able to use them for my backpack, carry on and my checked-bag. I still had some left over to give to a friend.

The next product is a set of 4 luggage locks. Again, these are not life changing products but add some color and serve their purpose for a reasonable price. The locks have a rubber coated cable that you pass through the zipper loops to secure the zippers. These can be used on backpacks to prevent pickpockets from getting in your bag as well. They’re TSA approved.

I got these products with the intention that they are budget priced and may not hold up. If they didn’t, I was not out a lot of money. In both these cases, both products held up well. You may get dents in the metal luggage tags but overall, they held up very well during my last trip through Italy.

Hope you have enjoyed my review of these products. On a side note- these colorful items also make it easier to locate your bags in a sea of luggage coming out of the luggage receiving area.

Thanks for tripping with me.