The #1 Best Place to Watch Cruise Ships Leave Port Miami

Miami reins as the larges cruise port in the world. You may be visiting and want to watch the ships as they leave port. But, where should you go? The #1 best place to watch cruise ships leave Port Miami? Stay tuned because I’m going to tell you.

At the southern tip of South Beach, South Pointe Park is a beautiful park with panoramic views of South Beach’s shoreline, Fisher Island, and is the #1 place to watch Port Miami’s massive cruise ships drift by on their way out to sea.

The park has family-friendly walking trails, a kid’s playground and splash park for the little ones and lots of places to grab a bite and watch the ships go by.

The park offers access to one of Miami Beach’s most notorious steak houses, Smith & Wollensky. You can have cocktails or dine or just sit on a boulder and watch the majestic cruise ships as they pass you by on there journey to the Caribbean or Bahamas, or even maybe Mexico.

It’s relaxing and if you’re in town after your cruise, a perfect way to bid a fond farewell and end your stay with a magic memory. Thanks again for tripping with me. Twitter: @jheadRN