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The #1 Best Place to Watch Cruise Ships Leave Port Miami

Miami reins as the larges cruise port in the world. You may be visiting and want to watch the ships as they leave port. But, where should you go? The #1 best place to watch cruise ships leave Port Miami? Stay tuned because I’m going to tell you.

Carnival Victory Cruise 2020 | Part 2 | Junkanoo Beach Nassau, Bahamas

Welcome back to another Carnival Victory Cruise. Today we stroll over to Junkanoo Beach, Nassau Bahamas to find out what it has to offer and find out is it worth the 15 minute walk.

Carnival Victory 2020 | Part 3 | Slot Tournament & Sea Day Brunch

Welcome back to Part 3 and the end of our Carnival Victory Cruise. This is the last time before she is transformed into the Carnival Radiance.

My First Carnival Victory Cruise 2019:Key West (Part 2)

Here is the second part of a 3 part series of my first Video Blog.  This is also my first time on a Carnival cruise ship, the Victory. Carnival is quite different from the many other cruises I’ve done on Royal Caribbean. In this video, we go to Key West and have key lime pie from what I think is the best place in the world to get it from.

Florence, Italy: Rustic Beauty and Unmatched Cuisine

florence title

Florence; the mear mention of the city brings visions of Renaissance art and statues.  David, Michaelangelo’s masterpiece is center stage.  You may even envision walking across Ponte Vecchio and browsing the vast array of gold adornments in the high-end jewelry shops.   One should not miss however the rustic beauty around every corner.  Additionally, Florence has unmatched cuisine of any place I have visited.  So much so, I even took an Italian food cooking class where I learned to make a four-course authentic Italian meal.