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Going on a Sea Cruise


Going on a Sea Cruise – Part 1

There are many factors that go into taking a cruise versus flying to a city to visit.  There are many benefits to just flying to a city, such as staying overnight and enjoying nice restaurants, nightlife, or just seeing the city at night.  There is just more time to “get a feel” for the city and enjoy its culture.

Milan, Venice and Northern Italy- Fun, Fashion, and Food

By Joshua Head

Duomo Milan Italy

Milan, Italy

We arrived on Thursday morning to the city of fashion.   Milan is said to be the fashion capitol of the world.  I can at least vouch Hotel Starthat it has some of the most expensive fashion in the world.  It could compare to South Beach any day with prices and style. It’s also the biggest city in North Italy and the financial capitol of Italy.  Milan is not only a city with a bank on every corner, there are plenty of museums and monuments of old to see and enjoy.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Let me say from the beginning that Rick Steves’ travel guides are by far the best in the world and always a handy reference for any trip to Europe.