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Great Eats in Miami Beach

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When visiting Miami Beach, every tourist will encounter the typical “traps” one finds in a resort city/tourist destination.  As a local, I have had the opportunity to sample the plethora of restaurants on this seven-mile-long sand bar.  Luckily, I live like I travel, on a budget.  So, like when traveling, I on occasion may select to splurge or more often, choose budget-friendly restaurants.  Usually in Miami Beach, even when I “splurge” it is during Miami Spice months where I can sample expensive restaurants for a budget price-fixed menu.

Detach in Marathon, FL Keys


Oh how one loves to detach from the world and escape from the struggles of “real life”.  Yet, where does one go to do that when you only have a weekend?  For Floridians, I think Marathon might be just the ticket.

A Sunset Lover’s Dream – Fort Myers, Florida

Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Being an adult student again, in between semesters I need to rest, relax, and get away.  Typically, a cruise always seems a great choice as the prices tend to be less expensive for Florida locals than any other trip.  This past August, I wanted to do something different and actually see parts of Florida that I have not seen in the entire eleven years I have lived here- specifically the Fort Myers area.  So that is in fact what I chose to do.