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Enjoy Your Vacation on a Whole Different Level

Everyone travels for different reasons.  It may be for history, sightseeing, or even the food.  They are all valid opportunities to enjoy your destination adequately.  However, I have found over the years, even when doing the stereotypical see the Eiffel Tour in Paris, you do not have to do it in a stereotypical way.  So, here is how you can enjoy your vacation destination on a whole different level.

Great Travel Products

travel tips and products

I guess everyone has their own list of travel tips.  I too have a few.  And really, can you have too many?

So, for my first article on travel tips, I want to talk about two gadgets that are great for traveling that I’ve picked up.  The first is a “cross-the-body” day bag and the other is a battery back-up for your cell phone.

Selecting a Hotel in Europe: Not Picking a Dud


Picking a hotel in Europe can be time consuming and a daunting task if you don’t know that European “star” systems is different than the U.S.A. For example, in Paris, a two star hotel vs. a 4 star hotel is not necessarily lesser quality but rather the two star may not have as many amenities as the four star- such as number of rooms the hotel has, elevator, restaurant, bathtubs, and armchairs. European hotel ratings are designed to be objective and quantifiable—based on, for instance, the number of languages the staff speaks, room size, and ventilation.

SIM Rental from iPhoneTrip – A Great Way to Keep Your Smartphone Connected While Abroad


**Update- see update info at the end.

When traveling to Europe, I’ve used pay-as-you-go SIM cards before.  It is so much better than paying those horrible inflated roaming fees the US carriers charge.  The pay-as-you-go SIMs work very nicely and are easy and affordable when you are in just one country.  And, when traveling, it is added fun if you can upload photos to share with family and friends as you go.  However, the question goes, “What do you do when you are visiting multiple countries?”  I ran across an online article on Engadget, just at I was preparing for a multiple city European trip, about a company that rents SIM cards for just that purpose.

Hidden Costs of Cruising

By Joshua Head


Hidden Costs of Cruising

The hidden cost of cruising can quickly add up. Know before you go.

I’ve posted before about how cruising can be a great value for your money.  What other type of vacation can you pay $40 a day and get your room and all food (and quite a bit of entertainment) included?

There can be negatives though, and one of them are the “hidden costs” associated with taking a cruise. Check out my list of the top 10 hidden costs of taking a cruise and ways to avoid them.