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Bahamas Celebration Cruise & Grand Lucayan, Bahamas – Not So Grand

By Joshua Head

Bahamas Celebration

Bahamas Celebration Cruise Ship

This is a review I made on Tripadvisor and Cruise Critic.  They are great places to get an idea of what to expect.  These are MY views and MY experiences.

We cruised to Freeport Grand Lucayan on the Celebration Cruise Lines’ ship Bahama Celebration.

If you go and are disappointed, you did NO research at all

The Cruise

I went on this cruise to Freeport Grand Lucayan (It’s not in Freeport) with my elderly parents which one is handicapped and wheelchair bound nearly. I was very concerned going on this trip because of this. The check-in process was a pain but the folks working there were super nice and let me go off to the side with my mom while the others filled out all the paperwork. 

Hidden Costs of Cruising

By Joshua Head


Hidden Costs of Cruising

The hidden cost of cruising can quickly add up. Know before you go.

I’ve posted before about how cruising can be a great value for your money.  What other type of vacation can you pay $40 a day and get your room and all food (and quite a bit of entertainment) included?

There can be negatives though, and one of them are the “hidden costs” associated with taking a cruise. Check out my list of the top 10 hidden costs of taking a cruise and ways to avoid them.